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Events At Freda's Many Virtual Places

Sunday, May 1, 11am PST Beltane Open Mic Great Canadian Grid, Pixel Hollow Hollow Come to share your favorite poetry or very short fiction (no more than 3 minutes per reading, please). This is your chance to share work you have written or work you love to borrow. Material should be related to the Beltane theme in some way. Think of the turning wheel of life, Spring, Summer, Renaissance or Pagan or Wiccan writers and topics.  Your host for this one-hour literary open mic will be Freda Frostbite. Please feel free to IM Freda if you want more information about this event. Mondays, 2pm PST Spoken Word Open Mic Second Life, Freda's Place at Aurea Spoken Word open mic.  Come to read or come to listen.  All welcome!  Keep readings to under five minutes, please, but there may be time to read more than once.  If you are unable or don't want to read for yourself, Freda will happily read your selected work for you.  Tuesdays,

Tuesday Chat in Kitely, 2pm at Freda's Fantasy

Tuesdays 2pm PST, Kitely Free Association Open Chat -- This is the Tuesday chat that has been hosted for some time by Dot Matrix.  Freda will host for as long as the group will have her.  Please come prepared to chat in text or (if you must) in local voice.  Topics will be determined as we gather week by week.  The LM will take you to the front door at the main house.  Come on up the stairs to find us.  If you are in Kitely already, open your map and bring up Freda's Fantasy.  Click teleport.  That will bring you to my front door.  If you are hypergridding in for the event, use the following HG address:'s Fantasy If you don't understand a single word I just said and would like to attend, drop me a note and I'll help you out.

When Real Life Interferes With Virtual Fun

Greetings from the solid world.  I have hardly been inworld at all recently.  When, I have been, it's been only long enough to pay virtual rent (with real money, of course).  That being the case, my partner and I decided it was time to give up our most expensive land.  This was land in UUtopia, Second Life, where we met and where we have had several properties in the last six years.  I am surprisingly nostalgic about giving up this property.  It's surprising because I am really not the sentimental type at all.  I've walked away from literally dozens of real homes in my lifetime and never felt the pangs of loss as I have over our UUtopia land.  I suppose it is because this was the place  that changed my real life for the better.  I met the love of my life there and I can feel nothing but happiness for that.  We may be back one day, assuming SL is still there when we have the time to actually make use of it again.  In the meantime, I still have my shop on Book Island.  N