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The Beat Goes On...

Well, The Belles put another show to bed last night and today the next one has started taking shape.  Rêves Fantastiques continues to grow.  I am in rehearsal for my February Valentines' shows.  Meanwhile, in first life, I am writing a new novel and moving with my family from a four bedroom house by the sometimes stormy sea to a two-bedroom apartment in a major city.  It's a welcome but daunting transition.  I'm allowing myself ten days with no inworld commitments but will be back for regular events, starting January 20.  This morning, I spent some time working up a 2020 plan for Belle Terre Arts Center.  If you have a look at the linked document, you'll see that there is still some room for guest musicians and DJs to join us at Belle Terre.  Of courese, The Belles, are looking for more dancers as well.  If you'd like to be involved in any of these capacities, please contact me, Freda Frostbite. 

Brand Spanking New Grid: Rêves Fantastiques

Introducing:  Rêves Fantastiques A kitely organization, administered by Destiny Seranade, Dan Sings, Heximer Thane, and Freda Frostbite. Rêves Fantastiques hosts Belle Terre arts center, Desti-Nation (under construction), the RF Hub (under construction),  and La Belle Folie Amusement Park (under construction).  In the future, there will be worlds based on fiction created by virtual worlds authors as well as any other worlds where users would like to make dreams (or nightmares) reality.  We are interested in hearing region ideas and proposals from others who would like to join us at Rêves Fantastiques.

The Belles' Ladies' Night Premier This Weekend!

Description: Join The Belles for this celbration of, well, celebrating! It's Ladies' Night and The Belles will dance to hits from several decades by some great singers, including Cyndi Lauper, The Judds, and Beyonce. hop:// Terre secondlife://http|!! |8002+Belle Terre/54/32/30