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Turning 60 With Virtual Friends and GREAT Hats!

Freda Celebrates Her RL 60th inworld.    

The New Bellesmere Is Ready For Visitors!


Land Ho!

The Belles and Freda and all the citizens of Bellesmere are moving!  That's two empty regions that belong to us!  The next couple weeks' events will be somewhat chaotic as we make this move.  We will be canceling an event or three.  I plan to start the actual move on Monday and have our current land emptied and released by mid-week.  That part is easy going.  It's the rebuild that will take a couple weeks.  Be patient.  We'll be back.   The new regions are part of the greater UUtopia archipelago in Second Life.  UUtopia was my first home in sl and I have been a part of that community since my avatarial birth, almost 12 years ago.  I hope you will join us there!