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February On Rêves Fantastiques

My ex-husband and I were friends.  We shared a long history and a brilliant child.  On January 20, he died as the result of a house fire.  I spent a couple weeks in Ohio at the end of his life and, then, planning and holding a celebration of life in his honor.  As a result, February is off to sort of a rough start.  Events won't resume until after the middle of February.  In the meantime, we hope you'll drop by The Babble Box Theater to see the 2008 Broadway procution of RENT on our big screen.  The movie is running there 24/7 so you can watch anytime.  Also, please watch grid notices for information about Destin-Nation, owned ad operated by Destiny Seranade and Dan Sings.  Desti-Nation is the newsest addition to Rêves Fantastiques.  It will open soon as a venue for shopping and fun!   Babble Box Watch Party: RENT Sunday, February 16 at 2:30 PM Grid Time Join Hex and Freda for a screening of RENT, the 2008 Broadway Production.   hop://