Bellesmere Schedule November 2020 (RP 1961)


Mondays-Thursdays at 9 AM SLT:  Open Write-Ins at The Bellesmere Inn.  An hour or more for getting the work done in the supportive but silent company of other writers.
Mondays at 11 AM SLT:  Guided Meditation With Music at The Harmony Zendo above Bellesmere Spend 15-30 minutes getting calm, realxing your body and mind.  The meditation will be in local voice with music on the region stream.

Tuesdays at 11 AM SLT: Chit-Chat at The Rendezvous Cafe, Bellesmere In Character RP.  Visitors always welcome. (In local text.)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:30 PM SLT:  Belles Dancers Rehearsals @ The Belles Theater.  The Belles Dancers are beginning work on their Valentines Weekend show, Ballet Romance.  They are seeking new dancers of all genders to join the troupe.  If you are interested in dancing with The Belles this wint…

This Is Halloween With The Belles-- Opening Soon In Second Life

The Belles Dancers, directed by Jezebel Magic, will present This Is Halloween at The Belles Theater in Bellesmere, Second Life.  The show will feature dances, scenery, and special affects created by Jezebel Magic.  Music will come from a variety of sources, from Bach to the Scissor Sisters.  The Belles are Anya Daligdig, Josiane Auster, Teale JeJune, Freda Frostbite and Jezebel Magic.  Their MC is Mandy Zurivost.  The curtain will rise at 5 PM SLT on October 24.  That show will be followed by a Halloween party with  DJ, Vance Auster.  There will be two more performances:  October 30 at 5 PM and October 31 at 12 noon.

Bellesmere Schedule October 2020 (RP 1961)

Thursdays at 4 PM SLT: Gossip, Gab and Games @ The Pretty PonyIn Character RP.  Visitors always welcome.

Fridays at 11 AM SLT:  Wonderland Park: Fairy Tales with Freda Frostbite @ Wonderland ParkStory Time in a fanciful setting.  IC or OOC, visitors welcome.

Tuesdays at 12 Noon SLT:  Short Stories and Poems With Freda Frostbite @ The Bellesmere Public LibraryGreat literature shared with friends, new and old.  IC or OOC, visitors welcome.
Tuesdays-Thursdays 2:30 PM SLT:  Belles Dancers Rehearsals @ The Belles Theater.  The Belles are currently not excepting new dancers but will be in November.  If interested, please send a notecard to Jezebel Magic.
Wednesdays at 12 Noon SLT: Vocal Music @ The Bellesmere Performing Arts HallOpera, song cycle, many genres-- Liste…

May 10-17 at Belle Terre, Kitely

Belle Terre has a full slate of events for this week.  We do hope you will join us for at least one.  Receive specific event LMs at our main landing.  Our Hypergrid address is Terre.  

STORMY WEATHER April and 19!

Description:Stormy Weather
Saturday, April 18 at 11 AM Grid time
Sunday, April 19 at 2 PM Grid Time

The Belles present STORMY WEATHER! You'll want to get all wet with the Belles this spring when they present their newest show. There'll be great music, sexy costumes, and great fun! Even a guest appearance by Dan Singslaot!

hop:// Terre

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April at Belle Terre

Click sections of this sign board at the landing to get landmarks and event information.  Visit Belle Terre. Terre

February On Rêves Fantastiques

My ex-husband and I were friends.  We shared a long history and a brilliant child.  On January 20, he died as the result of a house fire.  I spent a couple weeks in Ohio at the end of his life and, then, planning and holding a celebration of life in his honor.  As a result, February is off to sort of a rough start.  Events won't resume until after the middle of February.  In the meantime, we hope you'll drop by The Babble Box Theater to see the 2008 Broadway procution of RENT on our big screen.  The movie is running there 24/7 so you can watch anytime.  Also, please watch grid notices for information about Destin-Nation, owned ad operated by Destiny Seranade and Dan Sings.  Desti-Nation is the newsest addition to Rêves Fantastiques.  It will open soon as a venue for shopping and fun!  
Babble Box Watch Party: RENT Sunday, February 16 at 2:30 PM Grid Time
Join Hex and Freda for a screening of RENT, the 2008 Broadway Production.