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Freda's Newsletter, June 2016

Happy summer to all who are having summer just now!  The rest of you have my most sincere sympathies.  Here, in Florida, it is already hot and the mosquitoes are thriving, so, please, don't be too jealous.  On the other hand, I was in the pool at 8 AM this morning and came home feeling fresh and ready for the day, so go ahead and be a  tiny bit green. 

Some of you know that, for a variety of excellent reasons, after three years of explorations and multi-griddalism, I have finally chosen Kitely as my base for literary and other arts operations.  My main reason for making this choice is that Kitely is stable as all git out, affordable, and has the best customer service I have encountered anywhere in the open or closed metaverse.  For someone who is "a buyer, not a builder," and who has no strong interest in learning blender or avastar or any of those programs that builders use, Kitely's Market makes opensim homier.  Even on other grids, I find that Kitely market is m…

Gypsy In The River Lands

Ok, so just when I thought I was done with RP for a while, I literally fell into this place, Great Canadian Grid's River Lands.  How did I fall there, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you, I don't know for sure but suspect it has something to do with a pair of fae sisters I met at the village market in this odd place.  It seems the two have a shared reputation for misaiming their wands.  One can only guess what they intended when they aimed their magic in my direction.  Perhaps the magic was not even intended for me. 

Still, I ended up far from my home, miles and miles from Poppy Raymon and the rest of my people.  I apparently passed out from whatever (whosever) magic stole me away.  When I awoke I was in a little hut in a forest.  There was a sweet boy there as well.  Sweet and afraid.  He refused to go with me when I went to seek food to feed us both, saying that it was not safe in the woods.  He described a great flash of light which burned through his small body and put him …

Why I Have Virtual World Write-Ins

Being a professional writer means that I am pretty isolated on most days.  I have several tricks for managing to get the work done without becoming a complete hermit.  One of my methods is the virtual world write-in.  At write-ins, avatars gather so that their typists can be together while working individually.  There is very little chat during these sessions.  Of course, people greet one another (once they have looked up from their own work to notice someone new has entered the room) and occasionally someone will share the progress they have made when they are done.  Most write-ins are drop-in oriented.  You come when you can and leave when you are ready.  I sometimes attend write-ins on Nara's Nook in the Greyville Writer's Colony or the ones hosted in Second Life by Bhelanna Blaze.  I host them myself in Second Life, Kitely, Great Canadian Grid, and Inworldz.  In general, write-ins are scheduled ad hoc, so watch for notices inworld and on social media.  My own group, Freda&…