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Farewell To An Inspiration

I am broken-hearted to learn of the loss of one of the metaverse's poetical stars, Serene Bechir.  It was Serene who inspired me and encouraged me to start writing again after years away from the craft and  it was Serene who showed me how a virtual girl can make a real life from her poems.  I am so glad that her voice can be heard still on YouTube and elsewhere.  She was well-known for her improve poems. The video above is from 2011.  I did not make the video and was not present for the performance.  I am so glad it can be seen now, after she is lost. 

It's Going To Be a Hot Weekend at BabbleOn! Nights in Kitely!

The Dynamic Diva Ceci Dover Friday at 2 PM PST
Freda's Romance Saturday at 5 PM PST
Smooth Blues with MadMax Huet Saturday at 6 PM PST
Sizzling Songbird Nazirah Avro Saturday at 7 PM PST
All at BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Babble Arts Center Kitely Arts Center
Choose "Ballroom" from the teleporter in the welcome area.

Hey! This Weekend, I Hung Out With Freda. At, uh, Freda's Place.

A few week's ago I was googling myself (as one does) and found there is another Freda's Place and it's not far from me at all.  So this Saturday, Mike and I ventured down to Fort Lauderdale, where we dined with our friend, Paul, at Freda's Place.  The Caribbean food was magnificently tasty and the owners, Freda and her family, were very welcoming.  We will definitely return to see them again and enjoy another fabulous meal when next we brave the wilds of South Florida.

Announcing: WBBL, Babble Radio

WBBL, Babble Radio
Playing whatever we like whenever we feel like it!

Listen in at Babble Radio =
Can be played on your desktop or inworld. Just plug the above url into any land page in any virtual world or play it in winamp (see  We're not always on the air, but, when we are, you'll find interesting content, including interviews, news, spoken word, and music.

Kitely History Month Continues: VikingWorld

This morning I spent a few minutes exploring Seanchai Library's VikingWorld in Kitely.  This is another visually appealing world with a lot of potential for storytelling and RP. 

BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Grand Opening This Weekend in Kitely

BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Arts Center
Friday at 1:00 PM PST CECI DOVER For some sizzling hot formal fun, join us for this first event of BabbleOn! Nights Grand Opening Weekend in Kitely.  Ceci is an amazing talent and we are so proud to have her with as at BabbleOn!  This is an event you won't want to miss! 
Formal.  (Don't panic; we have freebies and there are shops.)
Saturday at 1:00 PM PST DJ FREDA takes the stream with some romantic tunes for your dancing and romancing pleasure.  Formal.  (Don't panic; we have freebies and there are shops.)
Saturday at 6:00 PM PST MADMAX HUET will bring his smooth blues and jazz to the stage at BabbleOn!  Max has been wowing audiences throughout the metaverse for years and we are thrilled to host him at BabbleOn! Nights.  (Don't panic; we have freebies and there are shops.)

More History in Kitely!: Seanchai Library's Celtic World


A Journey Into Ancient History: Eridu

Kitely's History Month is underway.  I started it by visiting First City Eridu, a world built by Ruby ODeGee.  Eridu has long been thought to be the first city ever built and is among the most ancient ruins ever discovered.  Read more about it on The Ancient History Encyclopedia.  Read more about Ruby's build on her Kitely World Page.  Better yet, visit it by coming inworld and setting your map on City Eridu. 

Babble Box Film Series: OF HUMAN BONDAGE

The Babble Box Theater opens its doors today in Kitely.  The theater will host a variety of live theater and arts events as well as film.  Today it opens with the first film in The Babble Box Film Series, 1934's Of Human Bondage

If you find yourself looking for a good virtual date night...

First, check out all the worlds participating in Kitely's history month.  When your virtual feet get tired, c'mon over to The Babble Box Theater, take a load off and enjoy the first movie in The Babble Box Film Series, Of Human Bondage starring Leslie Howard and Betty Davis.  Click the movie poster in the theater lobby for information about the film and instructions on how to watch. Arts Center

August at Freda's Place(s)

Please join Freda's Place inworld and follow Freda's Place on Facebook or Google+ to receive regular notifications of events at Babble Arts Center and Frostbite Thane. 

Sundays:  2:30 PM Freda In Progress
The author reads from works in progress and recently completed works. 
Usually at Babble Cafe and Books. Arts Center

Tuesdays: 12 noon Writers' Chat Arts Center

Wednesdays: 12 noon Kitely Community Chat Thane

Wednesdays: 6:00 PM Hump Day Happy Hour Arts Center

Thursdays:  1:00 PM Almost Friday Happy Dance
In August, these dances will be held at The History Month Island.
Details TBA

Fridays: 1:00 PM Ceci Dover Live at BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret
Formal. Arts Center

Saturdays: 11:00 AM BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret
Formal.  Details TBA Arts Center

Saturdays:  6:00 PM MadMax Huet Live at  BabbleOn! Nig…

Another Sunday-- Four More Literary Events For Writers and Readers!

10:30 AM Quicky Poetry
Fun and fast poetry creation session. Using various prompts and games, those gathered will create new poems each week. I promise, this really IS fun! Please have voice enabled so that you can hear each week's poem plan. Adults only because I have no intention of censoring what anyone is inspired to write or share.**
**Participants will have the opportunity to have their writings included in the first edition of OS Babble Journal
Please, choose Writers' Studio on the Teleporter at the welcome area or use the blam gate just outside. Arts Center

12:00 Noon Writers' Chat
Writers of all genres are invited to this open discussion of all things writerly.
Please, choose Cafe on the Teleporter at the welcome area or use the blam gate just outside. Arts Center

2:30 PM Babble Open Mic
Come to sing or play song, tell a story, read a poem. Dance for us, perform a play, tell us jokes. If you can …

Four Sunday Events at Babble Arts Center in Kitely

9:30 AM Grid Time: WRITERS' CHAT Writers' Studio at Babble Arts Center, Kitely Arts Center Writers of all genres are invited to this open discussion of all things writerly.  In local text chat.
10:30 AM Grid Time: FICTION TO GO (1st and 3rd Sundays) Writers' Studio at Babble Arts Center, Kitely Arts Center We'll gather weekly and then explore literature and writing together. Each week we will write (very) short fiction based on fun and inspiring prompts.  Each week, Freda will explain the guidelines and we'll have fun writing and sharing.  Please have voice enabled so that you can hear that explanation.  Adults only because I have no intention of censoring what anyone is inspired to write or share.** **Participants will have the opportunity to have their writings included in the first edition of OS Babble Zine. 
2:30 PM Grid Time: BABBLE OPEN MIC Babble Café and Books at Babble Arts Center, Kitely grid.kite…

Freda's Place Newsletter, July 2016

I know June is only one day shorter than most other months but it seems to be flying by and I find myself facing the deadline for writing next month's newsletter.  Wow. 
There is news to report.  Lots of news.  Let's start with Babble Journal of Art and Literature.  The Journal is being compiled inworld and is available for all to see and read as it grows.  It includes works by metaverse authors, poets and artists.  You can find copies of the journal in progress at the offices of Babble Publishing and in Babble Café and Books in Kitely.  Stop by anytime to read what's new.  We add to the journal weekly. Arts Center
The cast for Mothers' Days, which will be the first production offered at The Babble Box Theater in October, has been mostly selected.  We still seek one actor, male, for a very minor role and a narrator (male or female).  If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Freda Frostbite. 
The theater itself is unde…

Freda's Newsletter, June 2016

Happy summer to all who are having summer just now!  The rest of you have my most sincere sympathies.  Here, in Florida, it is already hot and the mosquitoes are thriving, so, please, don't be too jealous.  On the other hand, I was in the pool at 8 AM this morning and came home feeling fresh and ready for the day, so go ahead and be a  tiny bit green. 

Some of you know that, for a variety of excellent reasons, after three years of explorations and multi-griddalism, I have finally chosen Kitely as my base for literary and other arts operations.  My main reason for making this choice is that Kitely is stable as all git out, affordable, and has the best customer service I have encountered anywhere in the open or closed metaverse.  For someone who is "a buyer, not a builder," and who has no strong interest in learning blender or avastar or any of those programs that builders use, Kitely's Market makes opensim homier.  Even on other grids, I find that Kitely market is m…

Gypsy In The River Lands

Ok, so just when I thought I was done with RP for a while, I literally fell into this place, Great Canadian Grid's River Lands.  How did I fall there, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you, I don't know for sure but suspect it has something to do with a pair of fae sisters I met at the village market in this odd place.  It seems the two have a shared reputation for misaiming their wands.  One can only guess what they intended when they aimed their magic in my direction.  Perhaps the magic was not even intended for me. 

Still, I ended up far from my home, miles and miles from Poppy Raymon and the rest of my people.  I apparently passed out from whatever (whosever) magic stole me away.  When I awoke I was in a little hut in a forest.  There was a sweet boy there as well.  Sweet and afraid.  He refused to go with me when I went to seek food to feed us both, saying that it was not safe in the woods.  He described a great flash of light which burned through his small body and put him …

Why I Have Virtual World Write-Ins

Being a professional writer means that I am pretty isolated on most days.  I have several tricks for managing to get the work done without becoming a complete hermit.  One of my methods is the virtual world write-in.  At write-ins, avatars gather so that their typists can be together while working individually.  There is very little chat during these sessions.  Of course, people greet one another (once they have looked up from their own work to notice someone new has entered the room) and occasionally someone will share the progress they have made when they are done.  Most write-ins are drop-in oriented.  You come when you can and leave when you are ready.  I sometimes attend write-ins on Nara's Nook in the Greyville Writer's Colony or the ones hosted in Second Life by Bhelanna Blaze.  I host them myself in Second Life, Kitely, Great Canadian Grid, and Inworldz.  In general, write-ins are scheduled ad hoc, so watch for notices inworld and on social media.  My own group, Freda&…

Events At Freda's Many Virtual Places

Sunday, May 1, 11am PST
Beltane Open Mic
Great Canadian Grid, Pixel Hollow Hollow

Come to share your favorite poetry or very short fiction (no more than 3 minutes per reading, please). This is your chance to share work you have written or work you love to borrow. Material should be related to the Beltane theme in some way. Think of the turning wheel of life, Spring, Summer, Renaissance or Pagan or Wiccan writers and topics. 

Your host for this one-hour literary open mic will be Freda Frostbite. Please feel free to IM Freda if you want more information about this event.

Mondays, 2pm PST
Spoken Word Open Mic
Second Life, Freda's Place at Aurea

Spoken Word open mic.  Come to read or come to listen.  All welcome!  Keep readings to under five minutes, please, but there may be time to read more than once.  If you are unable or don't want to read for yourself, Freda will happily read your selected work for you. 

Tuesdays, 2pm PST
Kitely Free Associati…

Tuesday Chat in Kitely, 2pm at Freda's Fantasy

Tuesdays 2pm PST, Kitely Free Association Open Chat -- This is the Tuesday chat that has been hosted for some time by Dot Matrix.  Freda will host for as long as the group will have her.  Please come prepared to chat in text or (if you must) in local voice.  Topics will be determined as we gather week by week.  The LM will take you to the front door at the main house.  Come on up the stairs to find us. 

If you are in Kitely already, open your map and bring up Freda's Fantasy.  Click teleport.  That will bring you to my front door. 

If you are hypergridding in for the event, use the following HG address:'s Fantasy

If you don't understand a single word I just said and would like to attend, drop me a note and I'll help you out.

When Real Life Interferes With Virtual Fun

Greetings from the solid world.  I have hardly been inworld at all recently.  When, I have been, it's been only long enough to pay virtual rent (with real money, of course).  That being the case, my partner and I decided it was time to give up our most expensive land.  This was land in UUtopia, Second Life, where we met and where we have had several properties in the last six years.  I am surprisingly nostalgic about giving up this property.  It's surprising because I am really not the sentimental type at all.  I've walked away from literally dozens of real homes in my lifetime and never felt the pangs of loss as I have over our UUtopia land.  I suppose it is because this was the place  that changed my real life for the better.  I met the love of my life there and I can feel nothing but happiness for that.  We may be back one day, assuming SL is still there when we have the time to actually make use of it again. 
In the meantime, I still have my shop on Book Island.  Not …