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Freda's Place Newsletter, July 2016

I know June is only one day shorter than most other months but it seems to be flying by and I find myself facing the deadline for writing next month's newsletter.  Wow. 
There is news to report.  Lots of news.  Let's start with Babble Journal of Art and Literature.  The Journal is being compiled inworld and is available for all to see and read as it grows.  It includes works by metaverse authors, poets and artists.  You can find copies of the journal in progress at the offices of Babble Publishing and in Babble CafĂ© and Books in Kitely.  Stop by anytime to read what's new.  We add to the journal weekly. Arts Center
The cast for Mothers' Days, which will be the first production offered at The Babble Box Theater in October, has been mostly selected.  We still seek one actor, male, for a very minor role and a narrator (male or female).  If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Freda Frostbite. 
The theater itself is unde…