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It's Going To Be a Hot Weekend at BabbleOn! Nights in Kitely!

The Dynamic Diva Ceci Dover Friday at 2 PM PST
Freda's Romance Saturday at 5 PM PST
Smooth Blues with MadMax Huet Saturday at 6 PM PST
Sizzling Songbird Nazirah Avro Saturday at 7 PM PST
All at BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Babble Arts Center Kitely Arts Center
Choose "Ballroom" from the teleporter in the welcome area.

Hey! This Weekend, I Hung Out With Freda. At, uh, Freda's Place.

A few week's ago I was googling myself (as one does) and found there is another Freda's Place and it's not far from me at all.  So this Saturday, Mike and I ventured down to Fort Lauderdale, where we dined with our friend, Paul, at Freda's Place.  The Caribbean food was magnificently tasty and the owners, Freda and her family, were very welcoming.  We will definitely return to see them again and enjoy another fabulous meal when next we brave the wilds of South Florida.

Announcing: WBBL, Babble Radio

WBBL, Babble Radio
Playing whatever we like whenever we feel like it!

Listen in at Babble Radio =
Can be played on your desktop or inworld. Just plug the above url into any land page in any virtual world or play it in winamp (see  We're not always on the air, but, when we are, you'll find interesting content, including interviews, news, spoken word, and music.

Kitely History Month Continues: VikingWorld

This morning I spent a few minutes exploring Seanchai Library's VikingWorld in Kitely.  This is another visually appealing world with a lot of potential for storytelling and RP. 

BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Grand Opening This Weekend in Kitely

BabbleOn! Nights Ballroom and Cabaret Arts Center
Friday at 1:00 PM PST CECI DOVER For some sizzling hot formal fun, join us for this first event of BabbleOn! Nights Grand Opening Weekend in Kitely.  Ceci is an amazing talent and we are so proud to have her with as at BabbleOn!  This is an event you won't want to miss! 
Formal.  (Don't panic; we have freebies and there are shops.)
Saturday at 1:00 PM PST DJ FREDA takes the stream with some romantic tunes for your dancing and romancing pleasure.  Formal.  (Don't panic; we have freebies and there are shops.)
Saturday at 6:00 PM PST MADMAX HUET will bring his smooth blues and jazz to the stage at BabbleOn!  Max has been wowing audiences throughout the metaverse for years and we are thrilled to host him at BabbleOn! Nights.  (Don't panic; we have freebies and there are shops.)

More History in Kitely!: Seanchai Library's Celtic World


A Journey Into Ancient History: Eridu

Kitely's History Month is underway.  I started it by visiting First City Eridu, a world built by Ruby ODeGee.  Eridu has long been thought to be the first city ever built and is among the most ancient ruins ever discovered.  Read more about it on The Ancient History Encyclopedia.  Read more about Ruby's build on her Kitely World Page.  Better yet, visit it by coming inworld and setting your map on City Eridu. 

Babble Box Film Series: OF HUMAN BONDAGE

The Babble Box Theater opens its doors today in Kitely.  The theater will host a variety of live theater and arts events as well as film.  Today it opens with the first film in The Babble Box Film Series, 1934's Of Human Bondage

If you find yourself looking for a good virtual date night...

First, check out all the worlds participating in Kitely's history month.  When your virtual feet get tired, c'mon over to The Babble Box Theater, take a load off and enjoy the first movie in The Babble Box Film Series, Of Human Bondage starring Leslie Howard and Betty Davis.  Click the movie poster in the theater lobby for information about the film and instructions on how to watch. Arts Center