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Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: Confuscated and Forlorn

January 25

I think I shall not leave my room this day.  It seems whenever I do, I come upon something that so vexes me as to distract me from my work for hours, if not days.  Saturday, I took a walk in the park and came across that pretty lady publisher, Miss Frostbite.  In truth, I had hoped to see her.  Not only because she is so attractive and vibrant but because I have heard that she plans to start her publishing business here in Philomenaville with a book written by local authors and poets.  Miss Trolley told me the lady publisher has said she would like to meet me. 

Well, now she has met me and I did not make the most favorable of impressions.  I came upon the pretty woman as she sat on a park bench next to none other than my own former suitor, Heximer Thane, of Alma, New York.  Mr. Thane had his arm thrown casually behind Miss Frostbite and she didn't seem to mind one little bit.  I tell you right now I minded even though I have no earthly right to let a thing like that bo…

Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: Things Are Looking Up

January 23

Well, it seems that Mr. Heximer Thane's newfound interest in the lady publisher who just moved here from New York City has been good for me in more ways than one.  Of course, there's been the expectable relief that he is not so likely to recognize me from back home now that he is not following me around town, watching my every move.  It's also made it so I can focus on writing my novel.  I've been back to work on that every single day since the day I first saw Mr. Thane with that red head, Miss Frostbite.  I heard Miss Trolley call that lady a tart, but she doesn't look like any fancy lady I ever did know, not that we had any back home, but I can imagine what a fancy lady would like like and I'm sure Miss Freda Frostbite doesn't look like one at all.  I also heard-- I think it was from Miss Patti, the librarian -- that the new lady plans to publish a collection of writings by local authors.  I wonder of she'd be interested in looking at my bo…

The Life and Times of Lee Graham, Chapter Nine: First Kiss

Cybil Wheeler was to be cast as Juliet.  Of course, she was.  That was an inevitable fact.    The boy had walked to that audition sure that this was his chance to gaze into his muse's eyes on a daily basis with no one becoming the wiser.   Lee volunteered to be the first one to stand on the stage and take his turn at reading the hero's famous monologue from the play's second act.  "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?" began Lee Graham with all the surety of  a Barrymore taking to the boards.  It seemed the boy was a shoe-in to play the love-struck hero of Shakespeare.  Everyone in the audience, those other brave children who had come to try out for the play, leaned forward in their seats entranced by the boy who stood before them, professing his adoration for the lovely Cybil Wheeler, who everyone knew, even before she had her turn to read for the teacher, would be Juliet.  Yes. everyone in the room believed in Lee.  That is until, somewhere aro…

A Virtual Note From Hester Piozzi To Her Midwife, Merry Chase

17 January 1785

 Dear Miss Chase,

The appointed date has come and gone and it was with no remaining doubt whatsoever that I informed my husband, Mr. Piozzi, of my great news.  Gabriel was present on Rocca Sorrentina for just a few days and has now departed for work abroad.  He will be in France for some weeks which will be followed by a brief trip to England.  How I wish I could accompany him on his journey, but that seems to still be inadvisable as the symptoms of early pregnancy are still with me. 

Which brings me to the point of this letter -- well one of the points.  I was wondering if you might have any recommendation for swelling in my hands and feet which seems to go beyond the normal addition to her girth any expectant mother can, well, expect.  This swelling sometimes combines with the usual indigestion  to make it quite impossible for me to function as I would like on a daily basis.  I fear I am becoming quite the recluse.  It is my hope that you know of a remedy. 


Where Do We Go From Facebook

You may recall that a little more than a week ago, I announced that I would be participating in a week-long Facebook Black-Out.  This was a week in which authors and writers who normally provide a lot of content for FB audiences did not log in to the giant social media site.  What follows is the note I write the day the black-out ended.   I sent it to folks who read me in Facebook and want to share it with all of you here.  Greetings everyone-- I have just completed a weeklong walk-out in protest against new FB policies that affect writers and artists who depend on social media for our PR. This time away has been very revealing. I learned several things during this experiment. 1. FB misses me when I am gone. Never before have I received email from FB telling me how much my participation is missed and how much I am missing while gone. I received at least two such emails a day during my 7 day boycott. Very interesting. 2. I missed hearing from family and friends, but figure they all kn…

TODAY at Freda's Haunted Hideaway!

GothLit at 1 pm US Pacific
Lycanthia Wolfhunter Makes You Scream

Haunted Hotchacha 2 pm to 3:30 Haunted Hotchacha is a weekly dance with a creepy theme.  Each week music will be provided by FredaTunes.  There will be games and costumes and spirited conversation.  Wander the grounds to have tea with the ghosties or see where the snipers hang out.  Say hello to the bogies in the graveyard or make music for a gruesome babe.  Each week there will be a prize for best in theme attire.  Weekly Themes:  This week's 1000 Linden prize will be awarded for Best In Spook Wear.

Thursday at Freda's Place: Tea Talk For Writers Followed by Live Lit With Freda

Tea Talk For Writers 4 pm US Pacific Freda's Office, Diva Press, Second Life Join us for this open and polite discussion of all matters writerly.  All writers in all genres welcome, no matter their experience level.  Come to talk about issues that affect our work as writers. 
Live Literature Presents Freda Frostbite Reading Escape From Pig Hill 5pm US Pacific Freda's Place Café, Second Life

Coming Tuesday at Freda's Place, SL

We'll start with
Tuesday Babble (Open Mic) 1 pm US Pacific Time Freda's Place Café, Second Life Come to perform or come to listen and watch.  At Tuesday babble, everyone is welcome to come out and share their unique talents.  Poets, story-tellers, musicians, comediennes, actors, dancers, writers -- we want to see it all at Tuesday Babble. 

Then we'll have 
Live Literature With
LLola Lane:  Picture Stories
2 pm US Pacific Time
Freda's Place Café, Second Life
Llola will share some of her fabulous stories based on visual cues.  They are always well-performed and uplifting! 

Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: From Bad To Worse

January 9

As if having that Heximer Thane mooning after me all over town wasn't bad enough!  I thought I was in the clear when I told him once and for all there could be no romance between us.  But now the man has gone and gotten himself made constable of Philamenaville!  Lord help me, what on Earth have a done to deserve having that man not just settled into my new home town, but settled in as an officer of the law!  I tell you there isn't enough alcohol or pipe tobacco on Earth to ease my mind about that!

The Life and Times of Lee Graham, Chapter Eight: How Lee Decided To Be An Actor

One day the teacher in Alma decided her class should put on a play.  She chose Romeo and Juliette, saying it was high time her students learned about the marvelous work of Mr. William Shakespeare.  Auditions were to be on a Friday after school.  

At first Lee Graham showed no interest whatsoever in participating in scholastically sponsored dramatics.  Even when his teacher, Miss Laslow, told him there are never enough boys who try out for parts in the theater, Lee shook his head, no.  Even when Mrs. White and Esther tried to talk him into reconsidering what they considered to be a surprisingly unadventurous choice. 

"I've never known you to avoid a challenge," said Mrs. White. 

"I bet he's chicken," said Esther, trying without success to goad the boy into auditioning for the play. 

Even Lee's own mother could not convince him to try stepping out onto the boards of Alma's tiny theater. 

"I don't think so," the boy told Polly Graha…

A Virtual Letter From Fanny Burney To Her Sister, Hetty

9 January 1785
The Haven, France

My Dearest Sister Hetty,

It breaks my heart to read the news of the great man's passing.  I shall miss him for the rest of my days!   As I write these words, I hear him chuckling.  "But of course you will miss me," he says.  I'm not the sort of man one forgets easily.  I promise to haunt you for as long as haunting seems called for."  This is said in that lilting and teasing tone of his, the tone that says, "You will move on, Fanny, when you are ready," and at the same time says, "You won't know who to be without me, my girl, so you'd better not move on at all!"   For myself, I think the second statement to contains the purer truth.  Dr. Johnson is, to great degree, the person who taught me who I am meant to be.  He is certainly the one who reminded me most frequently and most succinctly when I have not lived up to my own potential.  I do not believe there will ever be a day in my life when he is not…

Thursday at Freda's Place: Tea Talk For Writers and TROLLEY TROLLOP!

Tea Talk For Writers 4 pm US Pacific Freda's Office, Diva Press, Second Life Join us for this open and polite discussion of all matters writerly.  All writers in all genres welcome, no matter their experience level.  Come to talk about issues that affect our work as writers.  Live Literature Presents Trolley Trollop Takes On New Year's Resolutions 5pm US Pacific Freda's Place Café, Second Life

Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: Quiet Times

January 3

It's been a quiet week since I got Mr. Heximer Thane to quit calling.  Not that I haven't seen him in town.  No, I've seen him alright.  He's strutting around, looking like the cock of the walk now that he's the new constable. 

Miss Patricia has announced what the new book is for the library book club.  Wonder if it's safe to start socializing again, now that Mr. Thane has left me be?  I suppose there is only one way to know for sure.  Maybe I should get a new dress?

TODAY (January 6) at Freda's Place in Second Life: Tuesday Babble and Freda Live (Sort Of)

  Tuesday Babble (Open Mic) 1 pm US Pacific Time Freda's Place Café, Second Life Come to perform or come to listen and watch.  At Tuesday babble, everyone is welcome to come out and share their unique talents.  Poets, story-tellers, musicians, comediennes, actors, dancers, writers -- we want to see it all at Tuesday Babble.  Live Literature Presents
Freda, Live (Mostly)
2 pm US Pacific Time
Freda's Place Café, Second Life
Freda Frostbite is the author, Stephanie Mesler, in her first life.  This month, she'll be sharing part of the first work she will ever publish under her SL name.  Her novel, Escape From Pig Hill, will be released early Spring 2015.  Freda will share a couple of chapters and some illustrations from the novel.

Hester's Virtual Diary and Letters: Fare Bella Musica Insieme

 3 January 1785 Rocca Sorrentina I find myself deliriously happy in the presence of the maestro of my heart, el divo Gabriel, my husband!  Always a generous and gentle man, since learning of my blessed state, Gabriel dotes.  Today he brought my tea and biscuits in bed, insisting that my feet not touch the ground until he had seen to the most basic needs of mother and child.  We spent the day in grand isolation, reading to one another from Holcroft and Chaucer, venturing out late in the afternoon when most villagers were still at their afternoon naps.  Near the harbor, we visited the island's one music store.  The instruments there were impressive and we are considering the purchase of a clavichord.  Gabriel serenaded me as we shopped.  We walked to the end of a pier and arrived in time to observe the sunset, myself folded into my husband's arms.  If I had known twenty years ago that love could be as it is with Gabriel, I'd have demanded more than that for which I settled…

The Life and Times of Lee Graham, Chapter Seven: The New Minister's Daughter

When Lee was 14 years old, he met a nice girl named Cybil.  Cybil moved into the Episcopal Church rectory in Alma when her father was called to be the priest at the very church Lee had attended ever since the first night he went there with Mrs. White and her party for Christmas Eve.  Polly had joined the church after that first Christmas with Mrs. White too. Josiah Graham was furious when he found out his family had become church-goers.  Luckily for all concerned, it took  several years for him to notice.  It wasn't 'til one October when he was too sick with bronchitis  to travel around selling his Bibles that Josiah Graham learned his wife and son had joined the "Bible-thumping throng." 

Lee always thought it odd a Bible salesman would speak so disparagingly of believers.  The boy asked his father about that once.  "How come you don't like church-goers, Dad?" "Because they're too full of themselves and think they've got all the answers…

First Life Coming First

January 2, 2015 The new year has started well -- organized and productive, just as I envisioned.  The trick will be maintaining this newly established routine.  The routine of which I speak is one that allows me to use Second Life and Inworldz and other virtual worlds as vehicles for doing my first life work, one that gives me the freedom to be inworld as needed and not when not.  In virtual worlds, I am learning to say no rather more quickly than I am inclined to say yes.  That is a lesson I learned ages ago in my first life.  I figured somewhere along about 1987 that it is much easier to say no and then change one's mind than to say yes and have to renig on promises made.    For some reason, that reality was not immediately apparent to me in virtual settings.  Maybe it's because what we do in virtual worlds is ALWAYS optional, so saying yes to requests for my time, talent, and input seemed not quite so real as it does in the solid world.  I think I had the warped idea that…