Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: Confuscated and Forlorn

January 25

I think I shall not leave my room this day.  It seems whenever I do, I come upon something that so vexes me as to distract me from my work for hours, if not days.  Saturday, I took a walk in the park and came across that pretty lady publisher, Miss Frostbite.  In truth, I had hoped to see her.  Not only because she is so attractive and vibrant but because I have heard that she plans to start her publishing business here in Philomenaville with a book written by local authors and poets.  Miss Trolley told me the lady publisher has said she would like to meet me. 

Well, now she has met me and I did not make the most favorable of impressions.  I came upon the pretty woman as she sat on a park bench next to none other than my own former suitor, Heximer Thane, of Alma, New York.  Mr. Thane had his arm thrown casually behind Miss Frostbite and she didn't seem to mind one little bit.  I tell you right now I minded even though I have no earthly right to let a thing like that bother me.  Why it does bother me, I cannot explain even to myself.  And what is most confuscating of all is I seem to be as upset by her interest in him as his in her.  Good lord amighty, what has happened to me since I became Lu and quit being Lou?  And just how low can I fall if I continue in this manner? 

Anyway, I stammered and hawed upon meeting the lady.  She must think me the most inarticulate of would-be novelists.  Perhaps I should pack my bags and head west with yet another identity, for there is of course no way I can return to life as Louis Green, not if I want to keep my freedom.  The problem with leaving this place is it means I leave behind the chance of getting my book published by the only publisher I may ever meet. 

Keeping shut up in my room until the book is done may be the wisest course for me. 

Mr. Thane and Miss Frostbite, seeing rather well acquainted.


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