Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: A year To The Day

February 6

Mother has been gone exactly one year today.  Jack Gray woke up on February 6 a year ago today and decided that would be the day my mama breathed her last. 

So much has changed since then and I have a hard time believing she'd be proud of what I have become.  I had to do the horrible thing I did that sent me on the run.  Of that there is no doubt and I believe Mother would understand that.  But the choices I have made since then might trouble her.  At the very least, she would be puzzled as to how her "good boy" turned into a woman on the run from the law. 

Now, I am in Philomenaville, far from home.  Not that there is anyone or anything left for me back east anyway, so being far from home doesn't make any real difference that way.  I have met some fine folks here, but I don't dare get close to any of them.  That nice lady detective has even invited me to come stay with her and her husband, Mr. Rolley, on their farm out on the edge of town.  I think she thinks I need something in the way of family support and she is probably right.  But how on earth can I move into that nice lady's home?  Right now, she likes me.  She likes Lulabelle Gimlin.  But if she knew the truth about me, that I am Lou Gray of Wellsville, New York, and that I am wanted by the law -- well, I don't think her friendship would last. 

And then there is the matter of Mr. Heximer Thane from back home.  Wouldn't you know I'd run away from home to save my own skin and end up in a town a thousand miles away where someone who knows me and most likely knows what I did has taken up residence?  I see him around town all the time now-- he's the new constable.  And he's courting that publisher woman, Miss Freda.  At least he's quit mooning over me, but why couldn't he have just moved on to some other town? 


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