Freda's Newsletter July 31 to August 7, 2015: Happy Days and Good Events

Happy days in Freda Land!  The mystery of how to stream both live singing and backing tracks into virtual worlds simultaneously using Windows 8, Shoutcast, and Reaper has been solved, thanks to my friend Wald Schridde (who performs historical music inworld)!  This means I will soon be able to sing live in virtual worlds!  I am over-the-moon about this and will soon be setting a date for a first inworld gig.  Woo-freaking-Hoo!  I can't even begin to tell y'all how much I have missed doing recitals. 
In the meantime, there are some events coming in the next week I hope you will consider attending. 

Friday, July 31, 10 AM PST
Freda In Progress:  Escape From Pig Hill by Stephanie Mesler
Local Voice
Writers' Block Café, Book Island, SL

It's going to be another rough week for Donny Granger.  First, a run-in with his uncles, which threatens to turn ugly.  Thank goodness, one uncle is kinder than the others!  Then, Donny's worst fear is realized-- his secret is out.  How will Daddy Granger respond?  What will Donny do?

Monday, August 3, 10 AM PST
Live Literature:  Batfishing In The Rainforest by Randy Wayne White
Local Voice
Writer's Block Café, Book Island, SL

 Randy Wayne White is the author of, among other things the Doc Ford and Hannah Smith mystery series.  White is a Florida author, a former TV personality, and fishing guide.  He also owns the restaurant chain, Doc Ford's.  Batfishing In The Rainforest is his "collection of strange tales of travel and fishing."  This collection was born of the writer's work as a columnist with Outside magazine.  White is a great story-weaver with interesting life adventures to share.  Batfishing in The Rainforest is just the tip if the iceberg. 

Thursday, August 6, 5:30 AM PST
Rainbow Guided Meditation With Music
Local Voice With Stream
Freda's Fantasy, UUtopia Alcott, SL

Friday, August 7, 10 AM PST
Freda In Progress:  Escape From Pig Hill by Stephanie Mesler
Local Voice
Writers' Block Café, Book Island, SL
After last week's revelations, Donny finds himself not quite alone, but very much at loose ends.  As word of his changed circumstances spreads, Donny tries to survive with some dignity. 
Finally, I have copies of Escape From Pig Hill available for purchase in Second Life.  Slurl to my shop on Book Island to get yours.


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