Freda Sings September 6-- If You Want An Invitation, Contact Freda

In real life, my first profession was singing.  If I do say so myself, I do not suck.  Almost all of my formal education post-secondary school has been in music.  I've taught voice professionally and I've sung a lot of places, both professionally and as a volunteer.  In recent years, health and family concerns as well geographical issues, have limited my opportunities for singing publically.  I really, really miss singing for an audience. 
At long last, I've decided to take the plunge and start performing music in virtual worlds.  I am not planning to offer myself up as a virtual lounge lizard (at least not yet), not that I am above lounge singing.  I used to make a decent living doing just that in clubs in and around NYC.  I rather liked the work, to tell the truth, even in the skankier dives.  But I liked giving short recitals better.  Since singing in virtual worlds will not be about money-making, I plan to go with what I like doing best. 
I am putting together a series of short recitals, which will include a wide variety of music from many eras.  The first will be a 40-minute set of lullabies, including a couple of classics, a few oldies, a couple of country tunes, and a Billy Joel song.  That first show will be Sunday, September 6 at 2:30 PM, US Pacific Time, at Freda's Fantasy in UUtopia.  I'm trying to catch my European friends before they toddle off to bed and the Australians before they head for work Monday.  For Americans, it should be a good way to set a peaceful tone for the coming week.  These recitals will not be advertised in the SL guide.  Invitations will be sent inworld, so, if you want a ticket, please let me know.  Leave a note on this blog or contact Freda Frostbite in SL.  There is limited space, so I'll schedule a second show if we fill up. 


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