Tuesday Chat in Kitely, 2pm at Freda's Fantasy

Tuesdays 2pm PST, Kitely Free Association Open Chat -- This is the Tuesday chat that has been hosted for some time by Dot Matrix.  Freda will host for as long as the group will have her.  Please come prepared to chat in text or (if you must) in local voice.  Topics will be determined as we gather week by week.  The LM will take you to the front door at the main house.  Come on up the stairs to find us. 

If you are in Kitely already, open your map and bring up Freda's Fantasy.  Click teleport.  That will bring you to my front door. 

If you are hypergridding in for the event, use the following HG address:   grid.kitely.com:8002:Freda's Fantasy

If you don't understand a single word I just said and would like to attend, drop me a note and I'll help you out.


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