Hey! This Weekend, I Hung Out With Freda. At, uh, Freda's Place.

A few week's ago I was googling myself (as one does) and found there is another Freda's Place and it's not far from me at all.  So this Saturday, Mike and I ventured down to Fort Lauderdale, where we dined with our friend, Paul, at Freda's Place.  The Caribbean food was magnificently tasty and the owners, Freda and her family, were very welcoming.  We will definitely return to see them again and enjoy another fabulous meal when next we brave the wilds of South Florida.

That's me, Freda, proprietor of THIS Freda's Place,
standing outside the other Freda's Place.

Two Freda's after a wonderful meal. 
That's Freda's son, Lorenzo, doing a little advertising behind us.


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