Book Belles Do Dead Poets Wednesday at 6 am PST

Last week, Trolls and I began our performance of Florence King's hilarious book, O Wasp, Where Is the Sting?  We thoroughly covered the topic of High-Wasp Motherhood.  This week, we'll go into low-wasp maternity and we'll share an essay she wrote about one of the aforementioned dead poets, Sylvia Plath.  King's clear vision and snappy funny bone are evident in all her works.  She is an absolute screech and she knows of what she writes.  We promise you will recognize her characters because they are people we all know. 
We'll bring King's words and wit to life for you Wednesday at Seanchai Library in SL.  The fun will start April 29 at 6 am Pacific Time.  Tell your friends, your enemies AND your dog!  We want you all to join us!

Trolls and I will be taking her cousin's pink caddy to the library, but here's your ride!


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