Meet Amanda Zurivost

Amanda Zurivost in her Philomenaville home.
My Kitty
by Amanda Zurivost
My Kitty comes, back arched, claws splayed,
yowling her song on the night wind.
Claimed in the dark, bathed in red,
more tabby than lynx, she grows in felinity.
She is my voice and my heart,
truest friend of my timeless lifetime.
Kitty purrs in my lap,
revels, tasting cream.  

I have known Amanda Zurivost for several years now.  She was one of the first friends I made in Second Life.  I've always known she writes poems and have, in fact, begged her on more than occasion to do a reading at Freda's Place.  Amanda is a private sort, so she has steadfastly refused.  Today, she invited me to visit her in her home in Philomenaville.  I am very gratified to see her settling along with her longtime partner, Puss Applewhyte, into one of my favorite historical communities on any grid.  Today, Amanda allowed me to read and share a few of her poems.  My Kitty has long been a favorite of mine, as it displays Amanda's wit and cleverness.  What a talented poet!  And that's not all-- Amanda is also the creator of the portrait hung behind her in the picture above.  The subject of that portrait is the fabulous and lovely Puss Applewhyte, who was not able to be inworld today when I snapped this shot.  Please watch this site for more poems from Amanda Zurivost.  


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