Introducing Ermengarde of Obifobus

Many years ago, I wrote a story called, Ermengarde The Expansive.  Many years later, I published that story.  (You can get your copy here:  Ermengarde The Expansive)  Recently, I have begun a novella which will cover the part of Ermengarde's life following the birth of her daughter, Princess Rosalie.  While working on this tale, I have introduced Queen Ermengarde to Second Life and begun building The Twelve Realms, of which Obifobus is one, in Kitely.  I am not at all sure how I will use these virtual worlds to further develop Ermengarde, but I'm having fun muddling through, playing with some ideas.  For the time being, there is no Ermengarde in The Twelve Realms, construction being barely begun.  Ermengarde in SL is housed at Freda's Girls' new home in UUtopia.  Feel free to drop in there and explore this build in progress any time.  Perhaps you will run into the queen herself while you are there. 


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