Second Life has so much to offer.  Right now, at locations all over the grid, we are celebrating the twelfth anniversary of this magical, marvelous world we have created together. 

The DECADES FESTIVAL celebrates all of the real life history one can explore here.  SL offers opportunities for education, creative study, and historical role play that are just not possible anywhere else.  Possibly, in real life, you could join a the Society for Creative Anachronism or several historical re-enactment groups.  You could play a lute at a RenFair or ride a steamer up Mark Twain's Mississippi.  But in SL, you can do it all! 

 Please join us Saturday, June 27, between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM to celebrate and learn with us!

There will be numerous exhibits at the Festival.  I hope you will explore all of them!
Performers of several kinds will perform on The Decades Stages!  I guarantee they will all be wonderful and urge you to take in as many of these events as you possibly can.

The Decades Festival would not be possible without the collaboration of several dozen individuals and a whole host of historical communities.  What is truly amazing is that this enormous event was planned and executed in just one month.  It is a testimony to the power of creative collaboration in virtual worlds. 

All donations offered at The Decades Festival will be used to support "Historical Communities and Royal Courts of Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds," the website that keeps us all connected.

Come in period dress or come as you are (dressed, of course-- it's a G sim).  Here are a few of the faces you may see Saturday at The Decades Festival.


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