Babble Cafe and Books Opening At The Lanes In Inworldz

Babble Cafe and Books has opened a new location at The Lanes, a very smart shopping district operated by Cherry Charlesworth and Veronika Garzo in Inworldz.  The shop is still "under construction" and probably always will be.  But it's starting to take shape.  Feel free to pop in whenever you like.

At The Lanes, Hex and I will be hosting events at the cafe and in the luscious Lily Lanes Ballroom. The first of those ballroom events will be held Friday, May 26 at 5PM Grid Time.  It will be a night of tango! We hope you'll stick a rose between your teeth, don your formal dancing shoes and join us!

Tuesday, the 23rd, Freda will host Fine Arts Talk at 11:30 AM Grid Time in the Cafe.  This is a time for artists of all kinds (as well as their patrons and fans) to discuss the arts that are their passions.  There is no agenda for this session.  The discussion takes us where it takes us.  

Thursday, May 25, Freda will host a quiet write-in, starting at 4 AM Grid Time.  This is a time for working on your own projects in companionable silence.  Quiet Write-Ins will take place in the Writers' Studio above the cafe.   


  1. Looks lovely. Looking forward to brushing up on my Tango! Cx


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