Twisted Ballroom Tuesday InWorldz

5:00 PM Tuesdays
Ballroom Dancing With a Twist
This Week:  Music From The Rat Pack

Join Freda and Hex in The Lily Lanes Ballroom in InWorldz for some great music and lively conversation.  Each week, Freda puts together a stream of music from a specific historical period or a specific artist or on a specific theme.  One week it might be all Strauss-- the next all Rod Stewart or songs about moonlight.  You are not required to dress for the theme.  We will be thrilled to have you come in anything you want to wear, but costumes are encouraged.


  1. Awesome picture. As a long time IW resident I must say I'd love to come to this :) I'm often working at that time, but will do my best to be there for next week!


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