Book Belles Introduce You To Some of Their Favorite Stereotypes

 Book Belles of SL
Seanchai Library
Wednesdays at 6 AM PST
This week Second Life's Book Belles will continue their performance of works by Florence King. Last week, we looked at dead poets and moms and stalkers.  This time out, it's about our (and Florence King's) favorite stereotypes.  We'll introduce you to Big Daddy and the Hussy, gay southerners and those high strung Type A's.  We'll also talk about that not so rare of rarities, The Lovely Person.
We'll bring King's words and wit to life for you Wednesday at Seanchai Library in SL.  The fun will start April 29 at 6 am Pacific Time.  Tell your friends, your enemies AND your dog!  We want you all to join us!

Trolls and I will be taking her cousin's pink caddy to the library, but here's your ride!

Trolley Trollop and Freda Frostbite prep for a recent performance at Seanchai Library.



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