Mama Comes Home To Pig Hill! Freda Frostbite Performs *Escape From Pig Hill* Friday, 6 AM Pacific, Molson, SL

Real life author, Stephanie Mesler,
known as Freda Frostbite in Second Life
performs Escape From Pig Hill
in local voice
Fridays, 6 AM PST at The Haven on Molson
Last week, Donny Granger tamed a bully and made a friend for life.  This week his family will be reunited when Kathleen Granger is released from the hospital after months of intensive treatments for cancer. 
Escape From Pig Hill, is first being published  in serialized form on her other site.  Fridays, in Second Life, she is sharing the whole book in live performances at The Haven. The tale is told at 6 am* each Friday and Freda will be back to read more every Friday until the story is complete. 


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