Mrs. Piozzi Presents Lorsagne de Sade in a Presentation of Lady Sarah Pennington's "An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her Absent Daughters"

Mrs. Piozzi requests the pleasure of your company at 5:30 PM Thursday, 14 May, for a very special literary evening at her home in Second Life.  Mrs. Piozzi will present the  chatelaine of The Haven in Bordeaux. Mlle. Lorsagne de Sade,  the notorious Marquise' notorious daughter, will present  "An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to Her Absent Daughters," penned in 1761 by Lady Sarah Pennington.  Mlle. de Sade hopes this literary work will lead to thoughtful and provocative conversation among those gathered on Mrs. Piozzi's terrace in Rocca Sorrentina.  Time allowing, Mlle. de Sade will also share selections from "The Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu" (1753)


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