Why I Have Virtual World Write-Ins

Being a professional writer means that I am pretty isolated on most days.  I have several tricks for managing to get the work done without becoming a complete hermit.  One of my methods is the virtual world write-in.  At write-ins, avatars gather so that their typists can be together while working individually.  There is very little chat during these sessions.  Of course, people greet one another (once they have looked up from their own work to notice someone new has entered the room) and occasionally someone will share the progress they have made when they are done.  Most write-ins are drop-in oriented.  You come when you can and leave when you are ready.  I sometimes attend write-ins on Nara's Nook in the Greyville Writer's Colony or the ones hosted in Second Life by Bhelanna Blaze.  I host them myself in Second Life, Kitely, Great Canadian Grid, and Inworldz.  In general, write-ins are scheduled ad hoc, so watch for notices inworld and on social media.  My own group, Freda's Place (which you can join on many grids) is used for posting these events.  So is Bhelanna's "Quiet Writing" group in SL.  Students in need of study company and others who do solitary quiet work at their computers are always welcome to join my Quiet Write-Ins. 
Writing at Babble Books on the Great Canadian Grid


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