Gypsy In The River Lands

Ok, so just when I thought I was done with RP for a while, I literally fell into this place, Great Canadian Grid's River Lands.  How did I fall there, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you, I don't know for sure but suspect it has something to do with a pair of fae sisters I met at the village market in this odd place.  It seems the two have a shared reputation for misaiming their wands.  One can only guess what they intended when they aimed their magic in my direction.  Perhaps the magic was not even intended for me. 

Still, I ended up far from my home, miles and miles from Poppy Raymon and the rest of my people.  I apparently passed out from whatever (whosever) magic stole me away.  When I awoke I was in a little hut in a forest.  There was a sweet boy there as well.  Sweet and afraid.  He refused to go with me when I went to seek food to feed us both, saying that it was not safe in the woods.  He described a great flash of light which burned through his small body and put him to sleep.  He, too, awoke alone in that hut.  I hated to leave him, but there was no choice; we both needed food and he needed to be safe. 

I stepped out of the hut and saw a pair of hobbits carrying piles and piles of sweets and savories, so I followed them down the forest path and into the village.  There, it turned out to be market day.  I feared how such rural folk as they might respond to an unknown gypsy in their midst.  I intended to steal some of their good food and head for the woods and the hut and the boy.  But the villagers were not unkind and I was actually welcomed. Encouraged by their seeming peaceful nature and obvious inclusive way with strangers, I told them of the boy and our need for food.  Much was offered and I returned to the lad with full arms.  Tonight, we sleep with full bellies and happier thoughts.  Perhaps soon, I can entice him out of the hut and lead us both back to our homes on the other side of the world. 


  1. I look forward to getting to know this new gypsy!

  2. Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you’ve met them before? It was so great to have you join in the Marketplace Fun at tRL ! I love the unpredictable 'gypsy' with so much passion and their wildest dreams and unquenchable desires, should be a great time for all of us with your presence! HUGS ♥

  3. It was really a blast! And, yeah, I know what you mean about being sure you've met someone before. LOL


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