Freda's Newsletter, June 2016

Happy summer to all who are having summer just now!  The rest of you have my most sincere sympathies.  Here, in Florida, it is already hot and the mosquitoes are thriving, so, please, don't be too jealous.  On the other hand, I was in the pool at 8 AM this morning and came home feeling fresh and ready for the day, so go ahead and be a  tiny bit green. 

Some of you know that, for a variety of excellent reasons, after three years of explorations and multi-griddalism, I have finally chosen Kitely as my base for literary and other arts operations.  My main reason for making this choice is that Kitely is stable as all git out, affordable, and has the best customer service I have encountered anywhere in the open or closed metaverse.  For someone who is "a buyer, not a builder," and who has no strong interest in learning blender or avastar or any of those programs that builders use, Kitely's Market makes opensim homier.  Even on other grids, I find that Kitely market is my go-to for the items I need to have  in order to do the work and play as I like to in virtual worlds. 

This change means that I am bringing some of the events I used to do elsewhere to Kitely.  For the time being, events are at Frostbite Thane (formerly known as Freda's Fantasy).  In a couple of months, I will be opening Babble Arts Center in Kitely (a 4 X 4 var-region).  Babble will be home to Babble Books and Cafe, Babble Box Theater, Babylon Nights nightclub and cabaret, and Ian Lee Patton's art gallery and inworld studio.  My virtual office will move there as well and there will be offices for Babble Publishing.

Speaking of publishing, My own *Ermengarde The Expansive* is its first book and it is already available on the Kitely market.  If you have need of inworld publishing services, please feel free to contact me.  Starting in August (at latest), this newsletter will include images and be published in magazine form. 

I hope you have visited Frostbite Thane sometime recently.  If not, please know that you are welcome anytime!  Here, my partner, Heximer Thane, is building an extensive air and space museum and airport.  It really is quite something to behold.  My own projects here include Freda's Place (my house and the office I use most frequently for write-ins), my fantasy mountain with builds from Ozwell Wayfarer and Witchy's, a farm in progress, and lots and lots of woods.  There is a log cabin on of the mountains and an amphitheater from Dragon Ronin on the other.  Right now, the amphitheater has a media prim set up.  I try to put something fun to watch or hear there whenever you drop in.  Just be sure to have media enabled so that you can start the show. 


2pm Grid Time
In June, we'll be reading (and hearing) Tales from the Brothers' Grimm.  These really can be quite grim indeed, so please come expecting more depth than one finds in Disney versions of these stories.  Have voice enabled so that you can hear the tales.  All welcome. 

2pm Grid Time
You never know what we'll talk about, but it's always fun and a great way to get to know your neighbors.  No need to enable voice; we chat in text.  Adults Only, Please.  (Not because we cuss like sailors or do so naked.  We don't.  But the conversation is sometimes deep and better for adults.)

FICTION TO GO (writing workshop)
5PM Grid Time Arts Center

Everybody's got a story to tell, several in fact! But life often interferes with writing it down. In Fiction To Go Sessions, we'll spend 50 minutes writing very, very short fiction (or memoir). If you come and if you write, you will leave with a very short story written by YOU!  Each week, I will explain the guidelines and we'll have fun writing and sharing. Please have voice enabled so that you can hear that explanation.Contact Freda Frostbite for more information.

**Participants will have the opportunity to have their writings included in the first edition of OS Babble Zine.

5PM  Grid Time
Come hear the author spin her tale in live voice.
I hope you'll come to enjoy a bit of magic at Freda's Fairytale cottage. The teleporters wear daisies. Click one and choose "fairytale" from the menu.  Have voice enabled so that you can hear the tales.  Adults, please. 

1PM Grid Time
No need for voice enabled but please make sure you can hear the music.  All welcome. 

QUICKY POEMS (starting June 16)
5PM  Grid Time
Location TBA
Fun and fast poetry creation session.  Using various prompts and guidelines, those gathered will create new poems each week.  I promise, this really IS fun!   Please have voice enabled so that you can hear that explanation.  Adults only because I have no intention of censoring what anyone is inspired to write or share.**
**Participants will have the opportunity to have their writings included in the first edition of OS Babble Zine. 

Location TBA
This is your chance to be part of Babble Box Theater's very first production.  **MOTHERS' DAYS** is a full-length comedy I wrote about 25 years ago.  It was first produced in Columbus, OH, at The Third Avenue Performance Space and has made it onto stages a handful of times since.  At the Babble Box, this fall, we'll be performing selected scenes from that play, the ones that can be best adapted for virtual performance.  (Each scene stands on it's own as a short one-act.) I have set up a few times for open auditions.  We seek three female actors and one male actor for the play.  Those open audition times are as follows: 
Weds, June 15 at 2PM Grid Time
Fri., June 17 at 6PM Grid Time
Sun., June 19 at 11AM Grid Time
Please contact Freda Frostbite if you would like to audition but cannot make any of those times.  We can surely arrange something. 

Unless otherwise noted, please use the hypergrid address below to get to Frostbite Thane and then use the TP pads all over the region to find the specific destination. Thane


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