It Was a Lovely Party! Happy, Happy Day and Night!

Six years of creating magic.

DJ G Winz:  The theme for our party was
Outer Space, Factual or Fictional

Hex and Freda, celebrating six years partnership,
dressed as Mal and Inara from Firefly.

Today, Hex and Freda celebrated 6 years committed
to one another in virtual worlds and beyond.

And Freda celebrated her 8th Rez Day.

Many of our friends were there.

in the upper ballroom Freda made for the occasion.

The conversation and was as vibrant as the colors of the ballroom.

Dancing and music in sl have meant a lot to us over the years.
Tonight was another special time.  

This has always been Freda's favorite dance in sl.
It is called "Becoming."


  1. Congratulations!!! Firefly is one of my fav series/movies :)) Glad all had a good time!


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