This Week's Highlighted Event (And an Honorable Mention)

Ballroom Dancing,  The Juliet Letters performed by Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet

5:00 PM Tuesday

The Hall at Freda's Place, InWorldz

The Juliet Letters is the 14th studio album by the British rock singer and songwriter Elvis Costello, released on compact disc as Warner Brothers 45180. The entire instrumental backing is provided by The Brodsky String Quartet. Costello described the album as "a song sequence for string quartet and voice and it has a title. It's a little bit different. It's not a rock opera. It's a new thing."

Join Freda and Hex in The Ballroom for some great music and lively conversation.


Get CLUED UP (Board Game)

Sunday (4/30) at 12 Noon SLT

Funland Arts and Entertainment Center, SL

Join us to play this inworld murdery mystery board game.  The table only seats 6, so arrive early!  The winner will win this fabulous haunted piano!


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