This Week's HighLighted Event: First Ever Zangrid Write-In

(ZG) Quiet Write-In
6:00 AM Wednesdays
Join Freda Frostbite for 90 minutes (or so) of quiet work time.  Freda will be writing her next novel.  You can work on whatever you like:  Homework, poetry, sorting inventory, correspondence...  If you arrive and Freda does not notice immediately, it just means she is "in the zone" and will say hi when she comes up for air.  Or caffeine.  More likely, caffeine.  In the meantime, go ahead and take a seat.

The cafe is shop #21 in Hypershopping on Zangrid.  If you can't find your way there, just IM Freda when you land in the region.  She'd be happy to offer you a ride.


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