Freda is Temporarily and Virtually Homeless

But not to worry-- Linden Labs is sure to fix her up with some abandoned land real soon.  Freda has requested the land just across the road from one of her favorite RP venues in Second Life, Philomenaville.  The good folks at Linden say the whole process of land transfer should take about a week.  It's been four days, so shouldn't be too much longer!  In the meantime, Freda's typist is busily working on illustrations for Escape From Pig Hill, which will be released in March of next year.  

Looks Pretty Darn Good For a Homeless Gal!


  1. I can't wait until Freda and cousin TrolleyTrollop are neighbors. Im betting Trolley will send over some of her hot biscuits and tupelo honey to welcome you to the neighborhood, too.


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