From The Diary of Lulabelle Gimlin -- Lu Remembers Her Mother

November 22, 1900
Lu shops in Philomenaville.
Well, some good news finally!  I've now written three full chapters of  *The Life and Times of Lee Graham.*  If I keep this up, I'll have a complete novel in no time.  Then I can send it to get published and make a pile of money.  Hopefully, I'll manage that before the money I have stashed runs out! 
Today would have been my Mama's birthday.  She'd have been 35 today if that depraved devil she married, my very own father, hadn't finally killed her.  Really, it's a miracle she lived as long as she did, considering how many beatings she took from him over the years.  I never will understand how Grandpa Zeb could have let that go on.  Seems like a decent man woulda killed my father with his own hands before lettin' him beat on his daughter and grandchildren year after year.  I know Mama was expectin' with me before she got married.  Grandpa Zed never forgave her for getting in that kind of trouble.  But, still, you'd think blood would matter enough to him to put his anger aside and protect his only child. 
Well, anyway, that's all water under the bridge and Mama isn't sufferin' anymore.  I hope she's happy in heaven with her own mama and that little baby she lost all those years ago.  Today, I'll go into town and buy myself some pipe tobacco.  Might even splurge on a new pipe.  I'll smoke it in Mother's memory.  She was a good woman and a good mother.  I miss her. 
Haven't seen hide nor hare of that Heximer Thane since runnin' into him up to Grey Corner last week.  Let's hope he's given up on finding work in these parts and headed on to faraway lands.  Last thing I need is for him to recognize me! 


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