From Hester Piozzi's Virtual Journal: Planning a Trip and Seeking Assistance

23 November, 1784
Rocca Sorrentina
My heart, soul and body yearn for my beloved husband.  At the same time, I dread the trip to Milan.  I am to leave later this day from the port of Rocca Sorrentina.  The boat trip will be blessedly short but grueling, the symptoms of my condition being worse now than a few weeks previous.   Then the boat trip will be followed by the long coach ride from Naples north to where Gabriel is rehearsing.  The few days in that city will not be restful and then we'll be traveling together to Rome.  I have always wanted to see that city but find now that I would much rather see the inside of my own rooms here at Rocca Sorrentina. 
I met Professor Stern yesterday.  He was taking coffee in a public house on the waterfront.  I was so bold as to ask him and a lady also present if he could recommend a female healer, not necessarily a physician.  He seemed to think one could found locally and promised to send one to me upon my return from Rome.  Assuming all is as it should be, that will be soon enough. 
Mrs. Piozzi drinks tea at the coffee house in Rocca Sorrentina.


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