Greetings From Crinkle: Freda's Place Relocates

Things did not go quite as planned with the relocation.  The wise avatars in charge at Linden Labs decided in the end that I would have to wait for the abandoned land I requested to be put up for auction and then I would have to bid on it and possibly lose the land in a bidding war.  This makes NO sense whatsoever, not for me, because it would keep Freda's Place homeless and unable to operate for several weeks, and not for Linden, as land at auction generally sells for less than when purchased outright.  I took a day or so to regroup and then rented land in Crinkle.  This land will house all of Freda's Place public venues.  The private venues, illustrations studio, skybox for dressing the av, and build platform, are now located on a parcel I did buy at auction.  The illustrations studio is already up and in use.  I expect to have at least part of The public venue up and running by week's end.  Hope to see you there soon.

The build in progress at Crinkle.


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