Getting The Job Done

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There are days when I wonder why I call myself a writer.  It seems I spend so much of my time on the other parts of my job that writing is the least of it.  It's easy to get sucked into the editing, proofreading, recording things I've written, making illustrations, doing the PR necessary to sell my work, meeting and talking with other writers, blogging about writing (ironic I should mention that one here, huh?), book layout, planning work sessions-- well, you get it -- the list of writing-related tasks that distract from actual writing is about a paragraph long.  Lately,   I have  had a string of days where writing has gotten short-shrift, if it has happened at all. 
There are also times when my whole writing life is derailed by some mundane thing, like a holiday (when people are home and in my space and when I am expected not to work) or a doctor's appointment (which is supposed to take an hour but ends up filling half a day.  Things like trips to the DMV or coffee out with a friend, if they are not timed right can wreck my writers' groove for days.  Seriously, It doesn't take much to knock me off track.  The trick is getting back onboard.  Today is the day I resolve to do that. 
This morning, I will write three pages of prose or a single poem.  I will do this as soon as the house is empty of everyone but me and the cat.  I will sit down at the danged computer and write.  Nope, I have no clue what I will write, but I will write.  What is your plan for getting the job done today? 


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