A Virtual Letter From Fanny Burney To Her Father, Charles

Fanny's Virtual Diary and Letters are FICTIONAL.  They are also my sole property.  Fanny Burney's Virtual Diary and Letters are copyright (C) Stephanie Mesler 2014.  You may not republish these virtual diary entries and letters in any form.  

24 December, 1782
Haven, France

Dearest Father,

There is not time for me to write as much as I would like.  One of Lorsagne's servants is soon to post our letters and I want to be sure you receive this as soon as is possible.  Rest easy knowing your eldest daughter has arrived safely at The Haven.  Lorsagne is, as one would expect, a gracious and generous hostess and I am so very pleased to be again in her company. 

Your manuscript was well received by the monsignor and he sends his regards as well as payment in full.  He had already played through the composition before my departure and was most pleased indeed.   He will be playing it tonight for a crowded Christmas Eve congregation. 
I shall miss you for as long as we are parted.  For now, you will be in my heart as I am sure I am in yours. 

Your Devoted Daughter,
Fanny and Lorsagne reunited for the holiday at The Haven.



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