Recent Land Aquisitions in Second Life and Inworldz

Lady Freda has purchased mainland in SL.  This land will be used to build Thane Hall in London.  Lady Freda will be in residence there when it suits her.  Her home will be a salon for writers, artists, philosophers, musicians, and other notable figures.  Look for this venue to open in early 2015. 

Freda has rented a small house in Philomenaville in SL. She is considering setting up a turn-of-the century literary café. 

Freda has also purchased land in the Maritimes in Inworldz.  She likes to sail there and would like to be more active in IW literary events. Freda keeps her ear to the ground where Virtual Worlds developments are concerned and likes to have homes everywhere.  She's just like that. 
Freda and Hex in Inworldz


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