My Many Avatarred Life

This is me, Stephanie, the typist behind Freda and Lu, Hester and Fanny.  It's December and I find myself in the mood for Christmas this year, which is actually fairly unusual for me.  In the solid world, I live in Florida.  Yes, we do Christmas here, but it's just not the same as what can be done in virtual worlds.  The result is that this year, I'm doing Christmas up in style in Second Life. 
Freda has a winter place, a cozy log cabin with a fire place and she's even decorated.  Believe it or not, Santa is there, riding his Harley!  Freda's Winter Place will be the site of several holiday events.  Freda is also re-establishing her haunted hide-away and has decided that will be a fine place for a Winter Dance Party. 
Lu is also celebrating the season in Philomenaville.  In spite of her private worries, Lu is helping Miss Trolley, the lady detective, to plan a town potluck for the holiday.  This may not be the best idea for lu-- Miss Trolley has a way of worming secrets out of people, but maybe she'll take it easy on Lu.  We shall see. 
Hester is, at the moment, in Genoa, suffering through what seems to be the first trimester of a late-life pregnancy.  She has not yet told Gabriel the news and she is still looking for proper medical care.  Sometimes, Hester wonders if it was at all wise to leave civilized England. 
Fanny plans to spend Christmas and greet the New Year at Sister's Haven with her friend Lorsagne De Sade.  There will be a grand gala there and Fanny is thrilled that she will soon be in the company of her good friend.  Court life is rough for Fanny and she is happy for the break. 


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