A Virtual Letter From Hester Piozzi to Her Husband

Please deliver to my most beloved husband and friend, Gabriel Piozzi
New Royal-Ducal Theatre alla Scala

29 November, 1784

Dearest Gabriel, I have come as far as Genoa and find myself too tired to continue the journey to Milan.  It is impossible for me to arrive in time for your Egisto.  I do apologize most grievously, Husband.  If I were more well, I would certainly be at your side and in the audience in Milan this week.  As things stand, I will take a few days here in Genoa and hope that my vigor is revived in time to join you for the trip from Milan to Rome. 

I will not say more now as I wish to post this note in time for you to see it before your premier.  Just know that all is well and I shall be at your side as soon as that is possible.  In the mean time, I think of you and yearn for your embrace. 

Yours, As Always and Ever, Hester

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