From The Virtual Diary of Hester Piozzi -- Joyous Reunion

30 December 1784
Rocca Sorrentina
My love returned Christmas Eve, tired and in great need of rest, a bath, and sustenance, not in that order.  We attended mass together and it was all I could do to stop from blurting out my great news during the walk home.  Realizing Gabriel needed rest before being asked to deal with this unexpected excitement, I held my tongue.  It was Christmas afternoon before I shared with him the happy announcement.  I was very pleased to find that the news was indeed received as happy.  Neither Gabriel nor I anticipated becoming parents at this stage in life.  For several years, I have believed myself to be beyond any age where pregnancy was likely.  Of course, married to his nibs, there was not much opportunity for testing the theory.  Gabriel is a very different spouse indeed and here we are, not even one year married, and expecting to be parents by the time we celebrate our first anniversary.  Gabriel has already started referring to himself as Papa. 
Mr. and Mrs. Piozzi share a happy moment alone.

Hester's virtual diary and letters are FICTIONAL.  They are also my sole property. Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi's Virtual Diary and Letters are copyright (c) Stephanie Mesler 2014.  You may not republish these virtual diary entries and letters in any form.  


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