Going Dark on Facebook

The first week of 2015 I will, be participating in a FB black-out.  FB has played bate and switch with writers and other artists who use FB as part of their media sharing platforms.  FB has benefited from our content for years.  Our content is part of what makes social media interesting and informative.  It is part of what fills the coffers of those who own this network.  FB has always made artists jump through some hoops to share our work via FB.  All of that has been a fair trade and no one begrudged it. 

Then FB started filtering who would see our posts and now they are flat out planning to ask us to pay to share most things and, even then, they will filter our audiences.  That is within their rights and no one is arguing that it is not.  It is just not in keeping with the deals they have previously used to get artists and authors to use FB in the first place. 

So I am joining throngs of authors and artists around the world in the New Year's FB Walk out.  You will still be able to find me elsewhere on the net.  Please do!

My Blogs:  www.apoetsprogress.blogspot.com
Google+:  Stephanie Mesler or Freda Frostbite
Twitter: @FredaFrostbite
Pinterest: Stephanie Mesler
In Second Life, look for Freda Frostbite.


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