Celebrating The New Year

I plan to celebrate the New Year by taking a day off from virtual worlds.  December 31, I am going to take a personal retreat in real life.  I'll spend that day with my dog, my cat, and my partner, focusing on what really matters to me.  There will be candles lit, poems read, music listened to.  There will be good food and some time spent outside.  Mostly, I'll be taking deep breaths in preparation for the coming year's challenges. 
2015 will be the year in which I publish my first full-length, illustrated novel, Escape From Pig Hill.  It will be the year I publish the first Ermengarde the Expansive story I have written in twenty years.  There will be a new collection of poems and at least two new short stories.  2015 is also the year I will begin publishing in Second Life, possibly elsewhere, and it is the year I will become much more deeply entrenched in RP. 
There will also be changes in my personal life.  My daughter will finish high school and start college.  My partner and I will make some major alterations to our home and, maybe, do some traveling.  2015 is a year that will include a lot of medical upheaval for me.  There will be several dental surgeries and possibly a gall bladder removal and, of course, all the fun that goes with having a serious heart condition. 
It's going to be a great year full of events and people and animals and change.  I look forward to it all and hope you will be here, cheering me on.  You can definitely count on me to support you in whatever challenges and triumphs you face in 2015.  I wish you all the best! 
         Two pictures of me with the great guy who'll be at my side for many New Years to come.


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