Lulabelle Gimlin's Diary: Why Can't He Just Stay in Grey Corner?

Well, that Heximer Thane darn near ruined the potluck, at least for me.  He showed up at Miss Sister's house on Pine Street all laden down with boxes.  It seems he found himself a job out at Grey Corner and has money to spare now.  Why he can't just keep his money and himself in Grey Corner, I couldn't possibly tell you! 
He was about three hours early.  Miss Trolley and I were in Sister's kitchen baking our selves half to death.  I swear we made enough cookies and fudge to fix up the whole town for a whole year of Christmases!  Miss Trolley had her head in the oven so I went to get the door.   There he was, big as life in Miss Sister's doorway.   He had about four presents to put under the tree for this party.  And big bunches of fresh cut flowers for Miss Trolley, Miss Sister and me.  Where he got those flowers I will never know!  The whole of Philo County is buried in snow and there is not a fresh flower to be seen!  Must be somebody in Grey Corner has a greenhouse. 
Anyway, he was polite enough when he gave Miss Trolley her flowers, but, with me, he was positively gallant and his hat actually grazed the floor when he bowed -- yes he actually BOWED before me. 
"Miss Lulabelle," he said.  "I know we don't know each other too well, but somehow I feel  like I've known you all my life." 
My heart darn near jumped out of my chest when he said that!  "Well, that's just silly," I told him, trying not to sound too alarmed.  "We only just met a few months ago!"
"But it doesn't feel that way," he told me.  "Miss Lulabelle, this is gonna sound a little odd maybe, but you feel like *home* to me, like you've always been someone I knew."
Thank goodness, Miss Trolley walked back out of the kitchen just then, saying how she didn't think the gingerbread yule logs were turning out right.  She took one look at Heximer Thane and a second look at me.  That lady detective sized up the situation in a matter of seconds. 
"Mr. Thane," she exclaimed. " I could sure use a man's help in the kitchen!"
If only she knew!
Now what am I going to do?  I suppose it's good the man does not seem to recognize me, but this could be a whole lot worse!  I sure as heck don't want him (or any other man) making that puppy face at me and thinking of me as home!


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