From The Virtual Diary of Hester Piozzi

19 December 1784
Rocca Sorrentina

Why is it that the fewer days remain until I am reunited with my dearest husband, the longer each day seems to be?  I have received word that Gabriel has booked passage on a boat departing Rome in just two days time.  He will be back here with me in three.  It might as well be three years or three hundred, I am that impatient to see him once again face to face.  It is not just the momentous news I have to share.  More than that, it is the deep yearning of a wife for her husband. 

How will I while away the hours of waiting?  I will drink the tea and take the walks Miss Merry recommended.  I will shop in the village for a new hat, one I'll wear to Saturday's Feast of The Seven Fishes, a local festival of this season.  I will play the harpsichord, focusing particularly on the music Gabriel most likes to sing, and I shall work at my embroidery.  Mostly, I shall yearn. 


Hester's virtual diary and letters are FICTIONAL.  They are also my sole property. Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi's Virtual Diary and Letters are copyright (c) Stephanie Mesler 2014.  You may not republish these virtual diary entries and letters in any form.  


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